James River JV and Varsity Competitive Cheer

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Basketball sideline season tryouts will take place virtually Dec. 3 and in person on Dec. 8. 

Virtual tryouts: Cheerleaders will submit a video tryout to annak_gahagan@ccpsnet.net

The video must meet the following requirements:

  1. Videos must be emailed to Coach Gahagan no later than Dec. 3 by 11:59 pm. Video submissions need to meet the following qualifications:
  2. 1 video with no cuts or edits 

  3. Email includes your name, grade, and stunt position (i.e. secondary base, main base, flyer, backspot)
  4. Performed in a distraction free environment

  5. Cheerleader can be seen head to toe

  6. Dressed appropriately with proper cheer attire (i.e. hair up, athletic clothing, cheer shoes on-dress like you are actually at tryouts)

  7. Include the following material in the exact order it is listed:
    1. Tryout cheer (in this video):Tryout Cheer The cheer is mirrored so cheerleaders should learn the cheer exactly as it is. The T-Jump should be replaced with a toe-touch jump. 
    2. Perform the following jumps:
      1. Toe touch
      2. Double toe touch
      3. Right Hurdler
      4. Left Hurdler
      5. Pike
  8. Dec. 8 Final Tryouts-Stunts and Tumbling

    • Cheerleaders will be assigned groups and given a tryout time on December 8th from 5-7 pm. 

    • All groups will perform the exact same stunt sequence (one that focuses on timing, technique, and fundamentals as well as group cohesiveness) 

    • Running and standing tumbling will be assessed on a can do basis (as it is every year). Cheerleaders will perform their best standing pass and running pass. Spots will not be provided and cheerleaders should not attempt any skills they cannot do on their own. 

    Cheerleaders will need to bring the following paperwork on Dec. 8:

    • Signed cheer contract

    • About Me page

    • Copy of 1st 9 weeks report card (evidence of passing 5 classes)

    • Physical
    • Heads Up Concussion Form

    Any cheerleader in need of the above materials should contact Coach Gahagan directly. Any cheerleader with concerns about the virtual portion of tryouts or who does not have the technology to film their tryout needs to contact Coach Gahagan before Dec. 3.

    Tryout scoring guide can be found here: Scoring Guide  

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