James River Girls Varsity Competitive Cheer

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Junior Varsity and Varsity James River Cheerleading tryouts for the 2019-2020 season will be held the week of May 13.

The timeline is as follows:

May 13, 14 & 15, 3:30-5: Cheerleaders will learn all tryout material and be assessed in stunting. 

May 16, 3:30-5:30: Cheerleaders will compelte formal tryout where they will demonstrate cheer, chant and dance taught at tryouts. They will also demonstrate their best skills in jumps & tumbling.

May 17, 3:30-4:45, followed by parent meeting from 5-6: Cheerleaders who make the team will participate in their first practice followed by a Welcome Meeting which both cheerleaders and their parent/guardian should plan to attend. 

All tryout days listed are mandatory. Athletes who have conflicts should communicate with head coach, Anna Gahagan at annak_gahagan@ccpsnet.net as soon as possible. 

Required tryout packets and materials will be available in the James River main office beginning April 18, 2019. Cheerleaders who do not have all paperwork will lose points off their tryout score. 


Scoring criteria and  explanations


Performance component-Each category is worth a maximum of 5 points

Maximum of 5 points per Category




expression/ spirit



Overall Impression


No mistakes in words or  motions. 1 point deducted per mistake. Material is performed exactly as it was taught.

Motions are extremely sharp and placed correctly. Motions stop in their correct place. 1 point deducted per missed motion

Genuinely excited to perform. Smiling and using facial expressions the entire time. When cheering, the cheerleader uses a loud voice by yelling from their diaphragm

Tempo of cheer is performed at the tempo it was taught. Motions match the words as taught. Dance is performed matching the tempo of the music

The average of the 4 previous categories.



Jumps: In all jumps: Chest & head are up. Legs & arms are locked out during the jump. Arms are properly placed depending on the jump. 1 point is deducted per mistake.

Jumps are assessed as hyper, extended, level, below level and timing

Hyper Extended (5)





Below Level




Toe Touch

Feet lift to shoulder level

Feet lift above hip level, chest and head are up

Feet and legs are at hip level

Feet are below hip level

Jumps are performed to counts. Prep on 1-2, arms/legs hit on 4, land 5, hold 6, stand 7-8



Jump combo to tumble (circle one)

Multiple  jump to tuck (5)

*Multiple jump defined as more than 2 jumps

One jump to tuck (4)

Multiple jump to handspring


One jump to handspring


Multiple jumps, no tumbling (1)

Tumbling: For all tumbling, 1 point will be deducted per mistake (bust) during tumbling

Tumbling is assessed on a can-do basis. Spots will not be provided during the tryout week. Cheerleaders should not attempt skills they cannot do on their own.


Standing tuck (10)

Handspring tuck (8)

Handspring series (5)

Single handspring (3)

Back walkover


Running Tumbling


specialty pass (10)



Multiple handspring


Single handspring


Cartwheel, roundoff, or front walkover (1)


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