Girls Varsity Tennis · Girls Tennis Tryout Information




Tryouts will run from 2:15-4:00/4:15 every day unless otherwise noted. Obviously, weather will be (and remain) something that can impact tryouts and practices throughout the season. Please dress accordingly with plenty of clothes. February is not the time to wear a skirt and tank top to practice. It will be cold. Tryouts will also consist of running, so please be sure to bring tennis court shoes and running shoes. The team may consist of 10-12 members


In order to tryout these two forms MUST be turned in. You will not be allowed to participate if they are not completed and turned in. If you already have a physical on file (from a fall or winter sport, let me know.

Clinics at ACAC are Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2:30-4pm. Each clinic costs $18. While they are not mandatory, as tryouts approach, I strongly advise participating in the clinics to prepare for tryouts. Challenge matches are a big part of tryouts and continue to determine the ladder throughout the season. NOW is the time to work on your skills: ground strokes, serves, and volleys.

Everyone will have an equal chance to be on the team.  But to help assist you, can you answer the following questions?

  • Are you coachable? Can you take feedback in a positive way when given?
  • Do you consistently hit your ground strokes within 2 feet of the baseline?
  • Can you rally with a partner of equal skills for 12-15 ground strokes without a miss?
  • Can you hit your backhand down the line as well as you can go cross court?
  • Do you have a second serve to go along with your first serve?
  • Once you come up to the net, are you comfortable staying at the net and volleying?
  • When playing doubles, are you comfortable supporting your partner at the net?
  • On a lob well within the service line, are you comfortable hitting an overhead or do you run back, let it bounce and then hit a ground stroke?
  • Is your service return strong enough so that you can consistently return the ball deep to your opponent [whether the serve was a flat, spin or hit by a lefty]?

There are all various questions that will help you determine what skills to be practicing before tryouts.