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XC Update #2

Congratulations on the completion of another school year.   The end of the school year can only mean two things……….1) SUMMERTIME AND    2) CROSS-COUNTRY SEASON ISN’T TOO FAR AWAY!!!   
 You probably want to print this email and save it as it contains important information you need to know about the upcoming
cross-country season at James River HS.
            Jeff Raskind         804-640-2744               or                
         Chris Calfee         804-564-0912               
        Noah Hester          804-625-2170                                                                                                     
        Aaron Johnson      804-638-0765                                                                                  
    PRACTICE  –  Unlike middle school cross-country practice, high school practice begins during the summer.   
            JUNE 26 –  Captain’s practice begins – Captain’s practice are held Monday thru Friday for 5 weeks (ending July 28).
                                        These practices are optional butHIGHLY RECOMMENDED  Most of these practices run from 7:30 – 9:00AM
                                        and focus on building up endurance, conditioning, and strengthening.  Even if you’re not able to make it to all
                                       these practices, it’s important that you attend as many as possible.  Most practices are at James River or Huguenot                                              Park. If transportation is an issue, you may be able to work out a carpool with a teammate.  The co-captains                                                           lead these practices and send out a weekly schedule indicating the location and times of each practice for
                             that week.
           JULY 31 –  Official practice begins – Practice is held Monday thru Friday.  Until school starts, some practices will be in the
                            morning and some in the afternoon.  Attendance is taken daily.  If you’re unable to be at practice (vacation, sick.
                                    doctors appointment, injury, etc) you must communicate with Coach Calfee or myself in order for it to be recorded as an
                                    excused absence.  
        WHAT TO BRING – Please be sure to bring atowel and water bottle to every practice.  Also bringweather-appropriate clothing and
                            sunscreen.  Proper running shoes are a must.  Everybody’s feet are different.  There is no “one-shoe-fits all” style.                                          Someone with a high arch will require a different type of shoe than someone who is flat-footed.  
                            On Fridays, the team normally goes out for breakfast after practice (Einsteins, Starbucks, etc).  If you are planning on                                             attending, please bring money. Of course, you should ALWAYS BRING A POSITIVE ATTITUDE!!!!
        MEETS –  The majority of our meets are on Saturdays with an occasional Wednesday meet added in.  We typically schedule our
                                    1st meet for mid-September, so attending the summer practices is extremely important.  We will send out a meet
                                    schedule as soon as it’s finalized. 
          This information should help answer some of your questions but I’m sure it won’t answer all of them.  Please feel free to contact
           Coach Calfee or myself anytime if you have any questions or concerns that need to be addressed.  I look forward to seeing you
        at practice………………….………………………………………………………………………………………………Coach Raskind
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